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The Mission:

Nature’s Gate is a healing and creative arts retreat center and a sanctuary for children and adults focused on personal empowerment, freedom and enlightenment. Our mission is to create a thriving arts community and a model land stewardship through conscious co-creation with the spiritual realms that enliven the land and community.

At the core of this mission is the devotional service exemplified by a care-taking community committed to fostering Unity Consciousness as a way of living 

Our Location:

Located in picturesque Washington County, New York, on 80 acres of forest, fields and wetlands., open rolling lawns with ponds, meandering streams, lovely gardens and well maintained trails invite people to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. The main house and outbuildings are supportive of intimate retreats and personalized workshops. This is a place of serenity where people come to relax, contemplate, receive healing, be inspired, learn and create.

For over 5 years, Elandara has been listening to the land, receiving  visions and guidance  from the spiritual realm and developing a Master Plan for the property. We are truly in changing times, and the need for facilities and programs that support personal empowerment and offer immersion in nature are tremendous.


A personal story from our spiritual and program director, Elandara:

New beginnings...

! am a visionary artist and am deeply connected to the land and to awakening consciousness.  I trust those spirit filled voices and visions and live by them. I now realize that for twenty years, visions I have been painting led me to this new home. In 2014 these visions began to appear in greater detail, showing me area maps and images of streams and waterfalls. I literally walked into my dream in September 2015 when I purchased this property. A good friend was visiting and asked if the property had a name.  As I stood quietly and asked for its name, ?Nature’s Gate" came through loud and clear. This name aptly describes the feeling one has when entering the property, as though a portal opens to beauty and serenity inviting you in to explore more deeply.


It took a lot of trust and courage to follow my visions and now I am called to reach out and begin the fund raising necessary to grow the mission. Some of the important groundwork has been accomplished. The property was purchased with cash and I have begun to share the vision for Nature’s Gate with the community. The “Elandra Arts” website has been revamped and my healing collection of flower essences are rebranded under the name ”Essence of Life”. Workshops are underway, clients are coming for services and the gardens are growing and overflowing with abundance.  I am beyond thrilled to be working with and learning more about horses. 

update from Elandara:

During the summer of 2017  I received inner guidance to "return the land back to itself."  Visions for the expansion of the Sanctuary and Renovation of buildings were given late summer and I began the process of researching land trusts and creating the 5 year plan. The Board of Directors for Nature's Gate Land Stewardship model is developing and we are in an exciting  phase. of creating goals, and building our programs. Inspired and committed individuals are coming on board to support the dream, and we hope to launch our vision for a model land stewardship program this year. 

One of the inspiring visions that came in during 2017  included offering "Natures Classroom" to children in the area. This type of educational service would offer an educational immersion in nature providing hands on learning and the incorporation of the creative arts that would support children in the region. We hope to  research and establish this program  so it can be implemented  soon.

As we have been progressing towards our mission, the importance of offering inspired programs that integrate spirituality into our daily lives are being offered. Natures Gate provides a beautiful serene setting that supports important integration and grounding that is needed in these retreats. Plans are developing for the expansion of our existing barn  to be used as our primary program center. This building will have a creative arts wing, a dining wing and kitchen. In the meantime, the programs offered are held in the main house that supports intimate gatherings for smaller group events.

You are invited to join us in helping establish a New Model of conscious co-creation in harmony with the land and in support of enlightened vision. Programs are being developed that will support our local community and enliven health and well being for children and adults."


The vision for the design, construction and land use is to utilize regional services, on site eco-forestry "green" practices and take advantage of off the grid renewable energy conversion and "green design" for new construction. 

                                                                          We welcome you to Join our Team!


Financial support:

Your financial contributions are greatly appreciated. The contributions that have come in from the first investors have been used to purchase equipment needed to maintain the property. We are truly grateful for this support.  As we expand, investor contributions will go towards creating additional facilities for workshop and retreat events as well as construction for housing a "caretaker community" who will live on the property and assist with  tending to the property and be on staff to help with programs. 

Funding also goes towards education and scholarships. Healing services and counseling are often offered on sliding scale and the clients' ability to pay. Your financial contributions are a wonderful way to pay it forward!


Together we will create a model of land stewardship that inspires others to expand their vision of what the land has to offer and enlivens the greater community.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated – large of small.

Payment options:

By check ~ payable to “Elandara Anderson”
mail to: Elandara Anderson ~ 214 McDougal Lake Road ~ Cossayuna, NY 12823

With the deepest of gratitude,
Elandara Anderson


Capitol Improvements:

Below is an outline of our funding goals. If you would like to contribute and would like to support our mission, please Contact Elandara for more details.

Funding Goals

Research and Design, Program Development and Facility expansion.

Upfront costs 

professional fees for consultants, applications and miscellaneous 

​​ Phase 1

Property survey 

Renovation to Bohemian Bungalow - overflow retreat housing

upgrade existing bungalow to include a composting toilet in the adjacent Pole Barn, Plywood paneling and solar panel for off grid power supply.

Wood Platforms and Tents for camping

Pallas Athena Temple Gazebo  located on the hill behind the apple orchard  -  open gazebo design with white  Grecian columns with domed roof and "celestial freedom banner" custom painted on interior of dome ceiling. Ceremonial altar enhancement to the south of the gazebo.   


Composting Toilets for campground spaces and Work Camp 

Geodesic Dome on platform for Sanctuary Area / Medicine Wheel

Phase 2 

Milk House Restoration ~ replace existing cement foundation walls, replace siding with reclaimed barn siding, new structural studs and roof structure. Reuse existing slate roof. 

Cabin Construction including Shower and Toilet facilities

Wetlands and Forestry management  

​Stream restoration and dredging of holding pond

Pond Creation in wetland area west of Horse Barn 

Phase 3

Health and Wellness Spa  ~  The existing Pole Barn site will become the Center for Wellness feature world class healing at affordable prices.

​​​Land and Building Maintenance overview

We are in the beginning stages of our vision and recognize that additional Farm equipment will be required as Nature's Gate expands its land stewardship model. Some of the equipment envisioned include the following:  tractor with various attachments (ie plow,  bulldozer, etc), additional woodworking tools for construction projects, forestry management equipment (chain saw, tree pruning implements, etc.)


                                                                                             Join the Team, Live the Dream

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